A Merry Very Yulemas was a two part Christmas special dungeon mastered by Edan Lacey and Simon Greiner. Part 1 was released on December 23, 2017 and Part 2 was released on December 24, 2017.

Guests on this special include Tom Walker, Matt Roden and Dave Harmon returning as Freezo's estranged cousin, Froyo.


Welcome to the fabled floating port city in the sky where anything can be bought for the right price. Gifts and gadgets, trinkets and treasure, any retail desire can be sated! Will the Dragon Friends get their Yulemas shopping done in time to make the last airship home!? There’s only one way to find out!

With seasonal Dungeon Masters Bobby Pancakes and Balston and special guests Tom Carey (music), Tom Walker & Matt Rode.


Part One

Since the death of the Yulemas King and the breaking of his curse, the people of Faerun must now buy their own Yulemas presents. Most do so in New Bork, a floating city filled with retail stores, ruled by the mysterious Jerf Zebos. The Dragon Friends are shopping there late at night and Bobby and Baston make it back just in time to catch the last transport back to the surface - but Freezo is unable to go with them, finding a magical barrier prevents him from leaving. Filge, meanwhile, gets lost and loses track of time, running into another Yulemas Elf and accidentally coming into possession of a magical bag which can produce an infinite number of coins. She stays overnight in the city.

Freezo meets up with Froyo, who informs him that a curse on the city prevents any Yulemas Elves from leaving, and forces them to work for Jerf Zebos. He reveals that he and Freezo are both part-Yulemas Elf, part-High Elf, which explains why they cannot leave, but retain their free will. They meet up with members of a Yulemas Elf resistance.

Part Two

They all meet up together and destroy the magical device at the heart of New Bork that keeps it aloft, crashing the city into the surface of Faerun. Froyo casts a misty step spell but something goes wrong and he and Jerf Zebos - revealed to be a demi-lich in the form of a floating skull wreathed in green flames - disappear.


Dragon Friends

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) 


  • Yulemas Elves


Themes, tropes and running jokes 

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