Still reeling from the events of last episode, The Dragon Friends try and fight their way out of the House of the Artificer. On their way they meet a disaffected guard in search of a career change (Bish Marzook), and a supernatural being that Bobby really should be terrified of but isn’t.


Freezo loots Dilge's body, and Philge takes Dilge's Magic Wand. The Dragon Friends use Dilge's body to barricade the door and run.

They run into four threatening figures, including Albrecht Rumsfield. Freezo convinces him to leave to check on something, so the Dragon Friends are left with two thugs, Seamus Noggin and Tim. Philge takes Seamus' crossbow and crushes it.

Albrect returns and combat begins. Seamus joins the Dragon Friends and fights on their side, turning on his boss. They kill Tim. Albrecht flips a switch opening a hatch in the ceiling to let in the light of the full moon and turns into a Werewolf. Bobby flings a handful of silver pieces at it. Seamus leashes the werewolf and climbs aboard it to ride it. Philge closes the hatch. Bobby gets bitten by the werewolf and falls unconscious. Philge pours a Potion of Hill Giant Strength on Bobby. Seamus kills Rumsfield, the werewolf.


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Table Talk

  • Simon Greiner got really really excited about werewolves
  • Although a key part of convincing Seamus to join the Dragon Friends is that Seamus's boss can't remember his name, ironically everyone calls Albrecht Rumsfield "Albus" throughout this episode