A Very Dragon Chrisfriends was a two part Christmas special dungeon mastered by Edan Lacey and Simon Greiner. Part 1 was released on December 22, 2016 and Part 2 was released on December 24, 2016.

Guests on this special include Tom Walker, Matt Roden, Miles Portek and an appearance by Dave Harmon as Freezo's estranged cousin, Froyo.


Our 2016 campaign may be over but as a Yulemas treat in this holiday season we have a bonus episode of dragon Friends DM'd by Edan and Simon! Dave struggles with his lack of control, Ben plays a gingerbread man and Hing tried to use game theory to win Christmas.

Featuring extra-festive special guests Matt Roden, Tom Walker, and Miles Portek.


Part 1

The Dragon Friends find themselves in a cabin to celebrate Yulemas, Philge making a gingerbread house and Bobby Pancakes cooking. Freezo sits with Froyo, his long lost cousin who has just appeared out of the blue. All of the other friends have been welcoming, but Freezo is hostile towards him, since until now, Freezo thought he had no living relatives. Froyo reveals that he was raised by Freezo's parents. Philge falls asleep from overeating gingerbread. Bobby tells Freezo that Philge has a gift that she's very excited to give him and wants to make sure Freezo has a gift for Philge, which he doesn't. Bobby kicks Freezo out to get a gift, forbidding him to come back until he gets one. Froyo goes with him, into a blizzard.

Freezo is seperated from Froyo and is attacked by an elf in a red cloak, who he kills. The elf, in his dying words says "In taking my life, you also take my curse." The red cape and a coronet appear on Freezo and a reindeer (Rudushu) reveals that Freezo has been cursed to be the King of Yulemas. Froyo returns and they are both transported into Philge's gingerbread house. It occurs to Freezo to make a Yulemas Wish, but in an attempt to hack the wish, he wishes Baston would have a heart attack. Instead, a gingerbread man, Rove, appears to be Freezo's guide, with a candy cane and a bag of icing. Rove tells them that they need to pass some trials to get rid of the curse. The first is one of strength and wits, which Freezo and Froyo pass. Rove using icing to draw a door on the wall, which he opens.

They journey to the past and see Freezo's parents on a cold winter night. Freezo's parents, voiced by Tom Walker and Matt Roden, are holding a baby Freezo. They speak of a prophecy that said Freezo would be a killer and destroy the world, and they do not feel they can raise him correctly. With a young Froyo they leave Freezo on the steps of the Temple of Mystra, hoping they will teach him good there. Freezo's mother leaves him with a silver acorn necklace, which Froyo secretly takes off of Freezo. Seeing this past revelation, Freezo tries to strangle Froyo to get it back.

Part 2

Rove convinces Freezo to release Froyo, who reveals that he hasn't seen Freezo's parents for many years. Froyo throws the acorn necklace to the ground. Freezo fails to punch Froyo and picks up the necklace. On Froyo's neck it had flowered beautifully, but when Freezo picks it up it shrivels back into a tiny acorn. Freezo for a moment puts it in his mouth. Then Rove draws a new door.

They find themselves in a sumptuous room covered in red velvet and riches. Freezo sits on the throne in the room, hears a fanfare, two doors open and a baby crawls in, very slowly. It climbs into Freezo's lap and he picks it up by the scruff of the neck. The baby becomes larger and heavier. Freezo asks the baby if he has been good and says that if he lies Freezo will kill his parents. The baby grows larger and grows fangs. Freezo tosses the baby to Froyo, but the baby screams and grows bat wings. Freezo, in an attempt to give the baby a gift, rubs yeast into its eyes and mouth, and it grows horns. In an attempt to comfort the baby, Freezo lets the baby bite him and sobs from the pain. The baby falls asleep, and Freezo wants to put it in a stocking. Froyo casts levitate on the baby and levitates it above Freezo. Freezo's necklace grows brighter and begins to turn from silver to gold.

Rove draws a new trap door on the floor, which Freezo pushes him down and closes it. Froyo opens the door again and they jump through. They fall up into a large cave of black ice and hear a blood curdling roar, coming from a Krampus. He tried to pull Froyo into his sack. Freezo says something horrible about Froyo, trying to betray him, and the necklace shrinks and cries. Combat begins, and the fire attacks begin to melt the ice, making Rove soggy. Krampus bites him and throws him in his sack. Freezo also gets grabbed and tossed in the sack. His pendent glows, and Freezo hugs Rove and compliments his dick, as the acorn grows brighter. Freezo says bad things again and it shrinks again. [At this point, Michael Hing kind of has a breakdown because he doesn't see the point of Freezo being nice.] Froyo, out of spells, tries to attack, allowing Freezo to see his terrified face out of the sack. Freezo realizes that his actions have consequences. The acorn reveals itself to be a silver Ent guardian, given to Freezo by his mother to protect him, and frees him from the sack. The Ent kills the Krampus and reveals that the Krampus was the one that created the Yulemas Curse. He kills Krampus and ends the curse. They finally arrive back at the cottage and Rove melts into the snow. He gives the silver acorn necklace to Philge, signing it "from King Yulemas."

Breaking the curse means that there is no longer a Yulemas king, and no one is giving children presents anymore.


Dragon Friends

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  • Reindeer
  • Krampus, played by Miles Portek
  • Treant


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