I am big, big fans of your debugging work so far. I didn't know that at that frog place, if you did a certain thing they'd suck each other off. That's not gonna make it through the beta, tell you that much for free.

Acererak is the architect of the Tomb of Annihilation and a notorious character in the canonical Dungeons & Dragons universe. He was first written as the main villain in the infamous Tomb Of Horrors adventure for the original edition of D&D and has returned several times in standard products.

Acererak is an arch-lich (or in previous editions, a demi-lich) - an undead spellcaster - of exceptional power, able to travel between worlds. His usual goal is to collect powerful souls to fuel his plans to have the undead take over the world, which he usually does by building ridiculously lethal dungeon complexes, filling them with treasure, and waiting for adventurers to enter them to die.

In Dragon Friends, because of the setting of the Tomb of Annihilation inside Season 3, Acererak is instead the developer of the Tomb Of Annihilation arcade machine in the Skyway Lounge who invites and encourages the friends to help beta test the game.

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