Albrecht Rumsfield is the leader of the Shipwrights' Guild, an illegal guild-slash-criminal-enterprise in Waterdeep. His appearance is that of a gruff dwarf in an outlandish feathered hat. He is later revealed to be a werewolf. He is also a member of the Secret Cult run by Davin Tyrril and is the ex-boss of Seamus Noggin.

Animosity between the Shipwrights' Guild and the Waterdeep Guild of Thieves, Tricksters, and Beggars had been building steadily in the months leading to Season 1. This was mirrored by a bitter contempt shared between Albrecht and Janos Meer, the Beggar King.

Janos hired the Dragon Friends as escorts for his meeting with Albrecht in It True, Me Your Nightmare (1.08). The situation rapidly deteriorated and Albrecht managed to badly wound Janos before leaving with his own entourage.

The Dragon Friends later encounter Albrecht in A Valuable Addition to Our Team (1.11) as they fled the meeting of the Secret Cult. After briefly falling for a trick that sent him running in the wrong direction, he returned and attacked them, transforming into his werewolf form. They were able to defeat him due to the superior lasso skills of Seamus Noggin. Bobby spent the whole fight endeavoring to be bitten so he could become a werewolf himself, and failing that, he drank Albrecht's spilled blood. With this act Bobby successfully contracted lycanthrophy.

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