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With Daggerford secured, The Dragon Friends take to the road to chase their next lead. During the trip they're forced to face the reality that perhaps the most dangerous thing on the roads to Icewind Dale are The Dragon Friends themselves.


The battle in the theaterette at Daggerford Castle has resulted in the defeat of LaCroix Pamplemousse and in Lionshield capturing the Banknote Apparatus, and claiming his magical dagger and his magical tie-pin which he finds to actually be a Dispelling Stone. Bobson Dugnutt and Mistress Lorna approach through the wreckage and Lorna offer to help restore the city's temples, and Philge calls for a Dragon Huddle underneath the Banknote Apparatus to remind her who Mistress Lorna is. Confirming that she is a resistance supporter, Philge agrees that she can take over these duties as long as Bobson serves as her secretary in order to monitor her; but Bobson, to everyone's surprise, asks when he might be able to return to his home in Chiba and his work at the Horizon Corporation.

Lionshield suggests they continue with the original plan to head to Icewind Dale, and starts attempting to gather up the debris of his rocket launcher, while Baston searches the upper floors of the theatre, finding an artificing lab in which he finds a (randomly determined) potion of Royal Jelly which "Hastes you and makes your penis phantasmal", and Philge gathers up the stakes she was preparing to use against the vampire children and straps them into a bandolier. Lorna explains that Daggerford can survive for a while but if Strahd is not defeated it will be unable to stand up to him when he takes action against it. Lorna provides the friends with a wagon and a mule (named Stubbsy Phil) to transport their goods (including the Apparatus, which transforms into a barrel when deactivated), and they take some new clothes from the noble wardrobes in the castle and resume travelling. They decide to travel in secret and by night, so that they will be awake to resist any vampire attacks.

On their way, Philge and Bobby realize there are four armed goblinoid figures hiding in the treeline trying to set up an ambush. They decide to sneak up on the goblins themselves, and they remain in hiding as Baston and Lionshield and the cart approach the ambush point, whereupon one of the Hobgoblins jumps out and demands Lionshield hands over all of his money, as two smaller and younger goblins somewhat nervously assume bow firing positions in the trees. As they do, Bobby and Philge sneak up behind the hobgoblins, realizing that the one with the horn is Frisko who has attempted to rob the Friends before. Philge promptly grabs him from behind and whisks him behind a tree, and Bobby disarms the other hobgoblin by cutting his belt off. Baston calls up to the goblins in the tree and points out that Frisko has apparently abandoned them, and encourages them to come down from the trees, which they do, calming down. Baston tries to convince them not to continue trying to become bandits and sends them home to reconsider their lives.

Meanwhile, Philge begins taunting Frisko who, hearing her voice, realizes who he has attempted to rob. She asks if he is aware of any of the conspiracies involving vampires, and he reveals he doesn't know anything about them. She tells him to return to his camp and tell him that "Mummy's home", and offers to protect them from vampires if they do so; he reveals the four goblins on this raid are the only ones left in his camp, but that they are prepared to also help fight against vampires if need be. Philge is not keen to need to deal with training only four goblins, so she leaves Frisko to return as long as he encourages the other hobgoblins to ally with the Friends in the future.

Pressing on, Lionshield suggests finding a trading post to purchase cold-weather gear and to work on upgrading the wagon, and the Friends arrive at the Foot Of The World, a trading post and travellers' rest near to the mountains of Icewind Dale run by Abram Quickness and Puffypants Skiguy. Lionshield agrees to buy snowsuits and snowshoes for the Friends, and they stay the night in the yurts at the camp, while Lionshield takes the opportunity to join in a trivia contest and to use the repair facilities to mount Bushu-D2 in the Banknote Apparatus as an automated pilot. As Bobby enters his yurt, he notices a secret mark written on one of the beams, a mark of the Night Claws, indicating that the site is safe and that Night Claw contacts are monitoring the area. Bobby sends a secret contact signal to the Night Claws by burning an appropriate tincture and leaving a lit candle in the window.


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  • Daggerford Castle
  • The Foot Of The World

Themes, Tropes and Running Jokes



  • "It just goes to show: when God takes away a rocket launcher, he gives you a crab."
  • "I might be able to take care of some of the more minor duties involved in getting the city back on track, opening up the temples again, boring boring Duke stuff.." "This bitch coming for my crown."
  • "I throw myself onto the ground. Quietly."
  • "I know that voice. Wait a minute. Is that the lady who turned all my hobgoblins into fuckgoblins, forcing me to go and do a short elocution class? Oh GOD."
  • "If I meet a hobgoblin and he doesn't know Mummy's Back, me going to make my friend suck your blood." "I swear to God we're never doing a fucking random encounter again." "Whaa? I thought there was a secret meaning behind the hobgoblins.." "No, I rolled above a 15 and that meant you had to see something on the road."

Table Talk

  • "I've never said this before as a Dungeon Master but can we move on because I don't want to do this encounter any more."
  • "We were meant to meet that guy [the Night Claw contact] this episode?" "You were meant to meet him like 15 minutes in."