The home brew class of wizard that Philge takes when she becomes a wizard, created by Dave Harmon. A class of wizard that avoids spellbooks, allowing the caster to cast spells without being able to read. The spellbook is written on the character's heart.

In practice, Philge's spells are numbered, and she does not know what spells she has the ability to cast until she casts them. Her two spells are Protection from Evil and Good and Stinking Cloud. Because Philge does not know what her spells are, she has to identify them by "Spell #1" and "Spell #2." In Season 2, she uses #2 in 6,000 Uncontrollable Buttholes (2.16), which is Protection from Evil. In Tomb of Annihilation, she uses #2 in The Yellow Banner and it is Stinking Cloud.

Philge's magical focus is Dilge's Magic Wand.

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