Barry Swiftfeatures is a human jailer and pillar of the Daggerford community. He is cousin to Leonard Swiftfeatures and caretaker for many orphans. He is also top donor to the Daggerford Castle children's karate program.

Despite his good works, Barry is a lonely man who cannot help but develop a soft spot for the Dragon Friends as their jailer in It Like She Me (1.02). Barry lovingly prepares them bowls of slop and reads excerpts from the funny pages, especially Cathy. Nonetheless, he growsincreasingly suspicious of their motives for seeking his friendship, and punches Freezo in the head once the party inadvertently confesses to the murder of his cousin Leonard.

This altercation culminates in his being pummeled to death by Philge in the throes of Barbarian Rage. She is still grieving the loss of the Duke of Daggerford whom she (wrongly) believes was her son.