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I'm the beeeest!
— Baston Indrirovich

Baston Indrirovich is a resident of Barovia, who joined the Dragon Friends on their quest to rescue his betrothed, Ireena Kolyana from the vampire Strahd von Zarovich. He has since become a permanent member of the team.

Baston is a Handsome Man, legally distinct from any other character. He is swole, and has referred to himself as a "9" or a "10". His talents include fly kicks, bravado, and making his wang go like a helicopter.

Each of his buttocks are so beautiful they are each classed as a whole butt, therefore Baston has two butts.

Philge initially found him very attractive and enjoyed watching him in action. Baston, not having much previous experience with Elves, at first felt strong reactions to Freezo, challenging him to a duel and wanting to kill him. After this initial conflict, he was fascinated by Freezo and intensely attracted to him. Freezo, in hopeless confusion, for a time believed that Baston was in love with Bobby Pancakes.

Baston's relationship with with Ireena Kolyana is complicated. He has referred to her as "a 6." He was furious when she showed interest in Bobby Pancakes, but when she became interested in Baston again, Baston was uninterested in her affections. He later bonded with Bassbass Wihouveberry, considering her another "10".

Baston has a love of kicking things. He often chooses to attempt a "fly kick" during battles, despite being armed with magical swords and having no martial arts training. These inclinations lead to him training at an Aarakocra monastery during the Tomb of Annihilation (becoming a multiclass Fighter/Monk).

Baston continues his monk training, including heading back to the jungles of Chult during the three years between seasons five and six for more training with the Aarokocra. During that time he loses an eye, starts wearing an eyepatch, and shaves off all his hair, claiming he has found enlightenment: he now follows "the Way of the Eleven", claiming he has discovered there's something greater than a "10".

After having lived for 1000 years, Baston became the longest living virgin and was worshipped as the god of love and sadness by the followers of his religion, which were sworn to celibacy in his honour. This all changed the day they allied with Strahd, in hopes of defeating Karsus, when shortly after Lionshield Banknote died and Karsus vanished, Baston Indrirovich finally lost his virginity to the arcanist Val.