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Beef Babes (originally titled "When Hell Freezo-ver") was the ongoing Dragon Friends Twitch campaign which started concurrent with Season 5. It followed Freezo and his adventures post-Season 4 with his new companions Bethanee Smiles, Kit Gingerson and old friend/familiar Bushu. It is available as a podcast stream to Patreon subscribers, but is also archived on their Twitch channel; you can find links to the episodes on the website.

Season 1: Heaven & Hell

The first part of this season is set in the Blessed Fields of Elysium.

The second part of the season is set in Avernus and based on Baldurs Gate: Decent into Avernus. These episodes were on the official D&D Twitch channel.

  • Ich Bin Ein Orb (T1.09)
  • Bunch of Daddies (T1.10)
  • Helmet Full of Goo (T1.11)
  • Snailzo (T1.12)
  • First Liquid I Could Think Of (T1.13)

In preparation for PAX Australia 2019 the next stream was a masterclass planning session for the PAX Special featuring Dave, Edan and Ben planning and taking suggestions from the chat. The adventure then continued on the Dragon Friends Twitch channel.

  • Choderia Dreamstalker I (T1.14)
  • A Great Wealth Of Hot Dogs (T1.15)
  • What Is This, A Recap Episode? (T1.16)
  • Bring Me My Affogato (T1.17)
  • 80% Confusion (T1.18)

Season 2: Prime

This season continues the adventures of Freezo, Bethanee Smiles, Kit Gingerson and Bushu.

  • The Deepest Fears of Timothée Chalamet (T2.01)
  • A Perfect Rectangle Empty of Any Features (T2.02)
  • Meet the Melon Molls (T2.03)
  • It’s Great To Be Back In Chicago! (T2.04)
  • You Can Take The Coward’s-Delayed-Action (T2.05)
  • Don’t Google It! (T2.06)
  • The Rum Tum Tugger is a Curious Cat (T2.07)
  • What Was Our Plan Again? (T2.08)
  • What’s The Speed Of Bees? (T2.09)
  • Giff In A Tube (T2.10)

At this point the Beef Babes take a mid-season break; as in the first season, they will return with a special stream on the official D&D Twitch channel.

  • Would You Mind Making Room in the 'Beam (T2.11)
  • Quoth The Raven, Dude That Sucks (T2.12)
  • Watch Your Magic Mouth, Young Man (T2.13)
  • The Least Bouyant Animal (T2.14)
  • Sword Goes In Bum (T2.15)
  • Give It A Fiddle And Give It A Go (T2.16)
  • I Hate Mondays (T2.17)
  • Release The Snyder Cut (T2.18)
  • What's The Deal With Druids? (T2.19)
  • Veal Team Six (T2.20)
  • I May Be A Tiny Talking Cat (T2.21)
  • Do We Get Reception Down Here? (T2.22)
  • Sports! Sports! Sports! (T2.23)
  • The Gigantic Tummy Mouth (T2.24)
  • He Bleeds Normal Blood (T2.25)
  • I'm Here For A Social Experience (T2.26)
  • Would You Be Upset If I Killed You? (T2.27)
  • Weird Gameshow Confidence (T2.28)
  • Balloon Court Is Now In Session (T2.29)
  • Is There An Incognito Mode? (T2.30)
  • Seven Minutes In Elysium (T2.31)