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Ben is a writer, comedian and TV presenter. He spends a lot of time on Twitter, created the Chuck Norris meme, Invented the Untitled Goose Game and once annoyed Richard Dawkins.

He is also on the podcast Free To A Good Home with Michael Hing.

Ben assists Dave with DMing duties and (along with Edan Lacey) provides voices for many of the NPCs encountered by the Dragon Friends. Ben also contributes by editing the podcast and creating the Dragon Friends website.

Despite Ben's role as NPC voice artist being part of the original concept of the podcast, he is known as "The Man of Three Voices". This is not entirely accurate as he has slightly expanded his repertoire over the course of the podcast. His voices include:

  • Obscene Ocker
  • Posh English
  • Problematic South African
  • Problematic French
  • Inconsistent Cockney
  • Kenneth Branagh in Wild Wild West
  • A Russian accent that offends his wife
  • Extremely distressing noises
  • Various Hanna Barbera characters (although there is some controversy about whether these count as separate voices)

It must be noted, however, that whenever a new voice appears, it is immediately dismissed as shit by the other Dragon Friends and the fans.

Ben sadly died in 2019 after pissing himself to death it was revealed during a twitch stream , but happily briefly he returned to life and learned an important lesson about the moon. He is the leading astrotheorist on the "Down Space" theory.

Ben Jenkins has a well reviewed Newsletter that everyone should subscribe to here.The latest issue contained a list of sheep ranked in order of Ben's displeasure.

Ben is a keen Wikipedia vandal and therefore strongly encourages vandalism of this page.

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