The Dragon Friends are sent to infiltrate the shadowy cult running Waterdeep, but first they are going to need a disguise.


In the absence of Janos Meer's cleric, Clodric, Bobby and Philge bring Janos to the Temple of Mystra for healing and meet up with Freezo again. Before Janos is taken away he offers Bobby some information. He knows of a Grand Inquisitor who could help clear the Dragon Friends' name for the murder of the Duke of Daggerford. He tells them about a secret cult meeting, before passing out. Freezo loots his body, finding, among other things, a sentimental tin whistle, and the Dragon Friends leave.

They go to get more information from Janos' quartermaster, and there they find Gribbits again, who gives them a Whisperer. Gribbits, desperate not to have to go with the Dragon Friends, chains himself to a desk, which Philge picks up, and ties to her chest.

They return to General Pantaloons to try to purchase official robes of the House of the Artificers. The shopkeeper only has fake robes for sale, but he shows them his father's personal real robe, which Philge manages to logic him into giving her for free. The robe is a single robe of humanoid size, so they go back into the store to buy more fake robes for the rest of them. The shopkeeper's father has returned. Dilge casts Friends and tries to talk his way out of the situation, and fails. Freezo casts Witch Bolt on the shopkeeper's father, Clive Who, and kills him. They tie the shopkeeper up, knock him out, and rob the store.


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  • "Me also believe that product for sale, is this right brother? must be at marked price of what is displayed (me brother work magic shop) and if there was zero price on box, it mean robe cost zero dollar." -Philge

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