Bobson Dugnutt was Philge's "workslave" when she was an executive at Horizon Corporation. He served as head of security for the corporation and got peed on a lot.

Bobson is cousin to Dobson Bugnutt.

After Philge left with the remaining Friends to locate Johnny Playstation, Bobson went with him. After failing to climb a chain, Bobson was left behind with the Tribe Of A Million Kings. It is unclear what happened to him or whether he was involved in their assault on Freeside, but he was rescued by Johnny Playstation's transcendence (as an afterthought) and became the docking bay security officer on the Heart of Glass. He was the only person aboard to survive the destruction of the Heart of Glass.

Bobson was lost to time and space, he travelled throughout the multiverse leaping from world to world, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home. He is currently in Waterdeep working for the resistance against Strahd

Bobson's name appears to have been drawn from a list of fake American-sounding names for baseball players that appeared in the Japanese SNES game Fighting Baseball.

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