Freezo's former familiar. Previously assumed to be a Feydragon (an interpretation of the pseudodragon), he is actually "some kind of Dragonborn thing". Bushu speaks with a South African accent and hates Freezo, but while working as his familiar usually did what Freezo asked, if begrudgingly. He is pretty good friends with the other Dragon Friends.

Bushu is legally distinct from Mushu from Mulan.

Season 2

Freezo casts find familiar to summon Bushu. Bushu is antagonistic to Freezo throughout the campaign, often asking why Freezo can't do these things himself. (Unlike a standard familiar, which once summoned remains with their master until they die, Bushu mostly resides in his home in the Feywild and can be summoned at will by Freezo.)

Season 3

Freezo summons Bushu to help after a helicopter carrying the Dragon Friends is shot down. Bushu explains the predicament succinctly with the quote

"Yea, I can fly. You're fucked"
While waiting to go up to Freeside, the Friends play a video game called "Tomb of Annihilation" in which people level up and familiars are freed. Try not to think of the canonical repercussions of this too much.

Tomb of Annihilation

Freezo frees Bushu in the Feywild.

Season 4

When jumping around the Nine Known Worlds, the Dragon Friends meet the freed Bushu in the Feywild. They spend time at Bushu's house before going to the fairy court, where the Dragon Friends are ambushed and captured.

When Hell Freez-Over

Bushu comes clean and reveals he is not a Feydragon, as previously stated, but is in fact a Dragonborn. He joins Freezo and Kit Gingerson as they assist Bethanee Smiles on her Godsquest as the Beef Babes.

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