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Trekking through the jungles of Chult, the Dragon Friends reach Camp Righteous, a camp of Paladins and Paladin trainees run by Niles Breakbone. Niles explains to the Dragon Friends that the camp exists to keep down wandering undead in the jungle who appeared due to a former Paladin making a pact with dark powers which summoned them. He also announces there is to be a talent show that night, which Philge enters.

Meanwhile, Freezo takes a shine to Niles' disaffected teenage son Justin Breakbone who hates his father. He convinces Justin to make a pact with Freezo's patron, starting him as an apprentice Warlock. After the talent show begins and Niles cuts off his own hand as part of a magic act (using a dagger he didn't know was poisoned), Freezo announces himself and Justin wish to enter and attempts to instruct Justin on how to commit Murder By Witch Bolt. Justin tries and fails to cast the spell, and Freezo finishes the task, killing Niles in front of the camp and sparking a civil war within the camp which is won by Justin and his followers, resulting in the burning destruction of Camp Righteous, the breakdown of an outpost of civilization, and Justin's new order setting out into the forest to resume the work of the former fallen Paladin.


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Themes, tropes and running jokes

  • The original Tomb Of Annihilation adventure does contain Camp Righteous, but it's abandoned. Niles Breakbone appears in the nearby Camp Vengeance and is initially hostile to the heroes, and Justin Breakbone is a completely new addition to the Dragon Friends version.


  • "Freezo, I'm going to tell you what my great-uncle told me: ...put down the gun." — Sir Grimsby
  • "Should I be making you make a Persuasion check or a Deception check?" — Dave Harmon
  • "I hate Undead and I want to kill them." "Well, usually people don't need a reason. They're just sort of there and they feast on flesh."
  • "The first person I ever killed was an amateur magician at a talent show." -- Freezo to Justin, referring to Leonard Swiftfeatures.

Table Talk

  • The live intro portion features Benny Davis popping bubble wrap, and Edan Lacey playing an electric bass that doesn't appear to be plugged in.
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