Season 1

Season 2 (Ravenloft)

Season 3 (Cyberpunk/Shadowrun)

  • Mr. Sour, fixer and boss of the Dragon Friends
  • Mr. Lambert, Mr Sour's bodyguard
  • Johnny Playstation, reverse-empathic pop star
  • Grimm Laserback, Chiba noodle bar proprietor and thereminist
  • Grigor, security tailor
  • Briggs and Jacky Boy, teen gangers and Johnny Playstation fans, shot
  • Glitter Gleam, illusory artist
  • Bobson Dugnutt, head of security at Horizon, Philge's "workslave", and barbarian revolutionary leader, launched a suicide attack on Freeside
  • Dobson Bugnutt, wasteland barbarian slave and Bobson's cousin, left shaking maracas in the Skyway Lounge
  • Raul Chamgerlain, famous clothing designer and Bobby Pancakes lookalike
  • Dr. Mike Truck, underground plastic surgeon
  • Weirdknife and Garrotte, technofetishist gangsters, strangled and lasered
  • Gump and Jimmy, riot police
  • Betsy, Lyft driver and former kindergarten teacher
  • Squatie, crushed dead squirrel
  • Dichael Carmichael, extremely stupid Renraku vice-president from Somerset, used as a human shield
  • LAICEU, Renraku security AI, hacked by Philge
  • Terence and Clive, remotely controlled gun turrets
  • Grundle Cocksplat, leader of the New South Queensland chapter of the Tribe Of A Million Kings, and his tribespeople Bouncer, Snot, Uzi, Trav and Kevin, shot with a crossbow bolt
  • Megryan, gynoid robot and former Home Improvement streambox, now a The Nanny streambox
  • Ollie the Slaver, tribal slave trader
  • Friendly Pete, giant slave-keeping tribesman, tricked into riding a Battle-Roo packed with explosives
  • Bad Bitch, tower guard at the outskirts of Brisvegas
  • Julian Fairbanks, aka Ariell Billgates, incognito high stakes gambler, shot with an Uzi
  • Above and Below, elvish and gnomish elevator attendants, killed in the destruction of Freeside
  • Michael and Sally, Two Guards in Freeside with backgrounds in fighting corruption
  • The Stoot-Men, genetically engineered assassins, decapitated by Philge and cut in half with Baston's sword
  • The Zhivago Twelve, elite hacking group, some killed by neural link overload by Mr Terminal, then remainder killed in the destruction of Freeside
  • Sebastian Bumblebee, costume shop owner and not an Italian stereotype, killed in the destruction of Freeside
  • Margrave Rinselbottom, Voss-Saito receptionist, killed in the destruction of Freeside
  • Meegan, aspiring authoress whose dreams were crushed, killed in the destruction of Freeside
  • Mr Terminal, head of security at Horizon, hacked to pieces by Baston
  • Michael Hing (NPC), envious adventurer wannabee, killed for Temporary Hit Points by Freezo in a bizarre metaphysical loop

Season 4 (Hearts of Glass)

Season 5

One Shots

The End of the World

  • Nathan the technician
  • Zombie Dave Harmon
  • Elton Inglis, obsessed celebrity chef


  • Severus Snape, housemaster of Slytherin
  • Harry Potter, mudblood 2nd year Gryffindor
  • Ron Weasley, pureblood 2nd year Gryffindor
  • Argus Filch, Squib caretaker, exploded by a magical schoolgirl
  • Neville Longbottom, general coward
  • Crabb, dogfighting human
  • Oliver Wood
  • Pasquale the Gecko
  • The Sorting Hat
  • Fawkes the Phoenix, stamped in the neck accidentally dooming the magical world

Main Campaign

  • Grimm Saltback
  • Janos Meer
  • LeCroix Pamplemousse, aka Simongreiner LeCroix, retainer Duke of Daggerford
  • Father Jebadiah Brackenvald, asylum director
  • Thomas Smedley, insane and haunted artist
  • Crawford the Pelican
  • William Ascot, twisted perfumier, committed suicide
  • Eddie Wick, guard and cultist
  • Percival Boggins, watch commander
  • Bushu-D2, flamethrowing robot
  • Elsebeth Truscott, Attorney and Amateur Theatre Writer, Director and Performer
  • The Hofferman Family, Old Daggerford Family played by Carlo Ritchie
  • Smiggins, Murderous Buttler of the Hofferman Family

Tomb of Annihilation

  • Acererak, Tomb of Annihilation developer

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