The Dragon Friends are trapped in an ancient land by a terrible curse and things are only going to get worse from here on in. This week they’re off to try to find the holy relic, save the town and rescue the maiden – but things never seem to be that simple.


The Dragon Friends pass a sleepless night with the Barovians in the church. Despite their heroics of the previous evening, the wolves have still wreaked havoc in the town. The villagers are morose, but seemingly resigned to this sorry existence. Freezo learns that the wolves have eaten all of his goats. Freezo (Horse) is unharmed.

Brasley thanks them for their help last night, and begs them for continued assistance in finding the relic of Pelor. He tells them that Father O'Donovich ran off four nights ago, and that the relic is their only hope of keeping the evil of Count Strahd at bay. While Bobby and Freezo continue to ask Brasley questions, Philge declares that she is the goddess now, and instructs Brasley to make a statue of her.

They search Father O'Donovich's room which looks abandoned. A hand-written book catches Bobby's eye, as does a small brooch that seems to have fallen behind the bed. There is also a small carving of Pelor.

Bobby takes the brooch, the book, and the figurine. Baston recognizes the locket and tries to snatch it away from Bobby but the halfling darts out of his reach. Bobby opens the broach and Baston explains that the picture inside is that of his betrothed, Ireena. She disappeared some days ago, and Father O'Donovich, her adopted father, was distraught. He started behaving oddly, and went missing himself a few days later.

The last entry in O'Donovitch's diary seems to have been written the day he left; the handwriting is much shakier than on earlier pages. He writes in a disjointed way about the voices, and taking "it" to the pillars, and how "he" must be appeased. Bobby, despite having been in the village for some time, is not sure what is meant by the pillars, but Baston recognizes this as the pillar stones in the old graveyard. He knows where they are, and draws a map for the Dragon Friends.

Brasley has been hard at work on his idol of Philge, but his skills are lacking and it's basically a rock with a smiley face painted on. Philge loves it and places it on the altar, saying that it will provide protection for the village. Brasley tells them that Ireena often went to pick flowers at the pillars, and it was there that she disappeared. They decide to take Brasley with them, and he finds mounts for them all.

As the day lengthens, they come to a crossroads where a pillar stone marks the entrance to the old Barovian graveyard. They leave Brasley with the horses and head in past the pillar stone, almost colliding with the stooped figure of Father O'Donovich, who seems to be building a pyre. They try to appeal to him to come back to help the village but he is in a frantic state. He regains a measure of calm and tells them that Strahd has been speaking to him in dreams, and that he has summoned the Count and plans to hand over the relic of Pelor, which once belonged to the von Zarovich family. The sound of wings drawing nearer causes the group to scatter for cover. From their various hiding places, they see a figure form and the priest tries to give him the statue

Bobby casts Message to communicate a plan to his companions and coordinate a sudden rush at the two. The three of them run forward, and Bobby manages to get the statue away from O'Donovich. The figure dissolves into a cloud of bats and takes to the sky. They fight O'Donovich but attempt not to kill him. He manages to knock Freezo out, and Philge goes into a Barbarian Rage, throws him against a tree, and kills him.

Brasley, who has grown bored while watching the horses, comes upon them just in time to witness the priest's death. Philge tries to explain that O'Donovich was in a pact with the vampire, but Brasley refuses to believe her and says that he will raise the villages against them. Philge is left alone with an unconscious Freezo.


Dragon Friends

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Themes, tropes and running jokes

  • Delightful harpsichord riff on "Baby Got Back" courtesy of Benny Davis
  • Philge in Charge Now - Philge declares, "I'm your goddess now!", demands that Brasely make an idol in her image, and assumes it will protect the town just as well as a relic of Pelor
  • Death By Witch Bolt - Freezo doesn't want to witch bolt Father O'Donovich, and after the priest nearly kills him, Freezo vows to always kill everybody
  • Barbarian Rage
  • Bobby and Freezo both fail a check on walking up the stairs, but Bobby then rolls a 20 and critically climbs them

Table Talk

  • The Dragon Friends hit level 2 in this episode


  • "Look. She was a 6 and I'm a 10, it was never meant to be." Baston, re: Ireena
  • "Do you want to be saved or not? Then find me 30 horses!" - Freezo