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Crawford is a somewhat camp and sarcastic Flintstones-style talking pelican, adopted by Bobby Pancakes in Season 5.

Season 5

Early in 5.01 Crawford is employed as a drinking mug at the Dragonback Tavern in Daggerford. This will be more incomprehensible than usual for anyone who is unfamiliar with the Flintstones. Bobby orders a pelican of rum from Grimm Saltback, whereupon Crawford joins the party.

Lionshield Banknote determines that Crawford is "but a normal pelican" and nonmagical, though this is based on an Arcana Check of 7 so possibly unreliable.

Pronounced dead of alcohol poisoning by Dave in 5.02, Crawford is later retconned by Ben in 5.03 to have been only mostly dead, saved by LaCroix's prompt enlisting of a vet.

Crawford is awarded the title of Daggerford Fire Warden by Her Prettiness Duke Philge in 5.04, and is at the close of 5.04 still due an appropriate hat and a medal from LaCroix.

As Fire Warden he has assisted the town of Vantage in putting out the fire that engulfed their town. He has amassed a strong team of professional firefighters to aid him. Keenly aware of fires he flies to them almost as instantly as they are started. The Dragon Friends use this to their advantage when they need to summon him for help and advice. He aided them by pinpointing the Temple of Mystra as the location where one of the Hofferman Brothers would meet their fate.

Crawford has a keen interest in the arts and was a stage manager for "Who is stealing my cabbages". He was injured by Lionshield Banknote's fireball and unable to stop the fire that killed Elsebeth and destroyed Rivershine Hall.

In January 2020, a lapel pin of Crawford was sold in aid of the Red Cross to support efforts to manage serious bushfires in Australia.

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