Daggerford was a small dukedom in the Sword Coast, approximately 2-3 days' ride from the region's capital of Waterdeep. It was primarily a farming community with around 900 residents. Its chief crop is quinoa. It was ruled by the Duke of Daggerford until his murder, when the Duke's brother Davin Tyrell became acting Duke.

In Season Five The Dragon Friends became joint dukes of Daggerford assisted by LaCroix Pamplemousse. After the resurrection of Strahd Daggerford was handed back to LaCroix and the Dragon Friends sent into exile for 3 years.

They returned and after cementing their force within the resistance overpowered LaCroix (outfitted with his Robotic Crab "Banknote Apparatus" ) and left Daggerford free of Vampire control.

Daggerford is Freezo's hometown inasmuch as it's the location of the Temple of Mystra where he was raised.

Daggerford slightly smells of popcorn.


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