Dragonback Tavern is an alehouse in Daggerford owned by Grimm Saltback, a friend, patron and sometime creditor of the Dragon Friends. Freezo, Philge and Bobby Pancakes lived there for several weeks prior to the start of Season 1 despite Grimm's insistence that it is a tavern and not a hotel. He tells them during The Audition (1.01) that they must settle their debts if they want to stay.

Dragonback Tavern's most distinguishable characteristic is very loud ska music courtesy of Grimm's band, Grimm & the Magic Trombones. The tavern also features a notice board full of (mostly mundane) jobs.

After Grimm Saltback's death in the Specials canon, the tavern passed to Greg Knowles who began selling snacks, and then barricaded it against the Rictus Plague by filling the inside with gates and attaching scythes to them. The tavern was then accidentally burned down by Philge.

In the main canon, the Dragonback Inn was revealed to have been so named because it was built over a site in the former Carcosa called "the Dragon's back", and to still have access - though its basement - to the Carcosan tombs. As the result of the Friend's efforts to prevent the Convergence, the Tavern is pulled through a portal into Dim Carcosa, but the damage done by the portal goes no further.

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