Elsebeth Truscott was the estate executor for Constanz Hofferman, who contacted the friends as the Dukes of Daggerford to report she believed she was being followed as a result of foul play in Constanz's death. The Friends are able to rescue her from two cultists of the Lampwick attempting to break into her office; as they find the hidden chamber in which she hides, she accidentally critically stabs Lionshield Banknote with a dagger. He responded by executing a bizarre plan in which he pretended to be a member of the cult, which nearly resulting in Elsebeth being handed over to the Herald, until they were both rescued by Jovian Hofferman.

When they later returned together to Truscott's office to collect Constanz' will, Jovian revealed himself as the insane brother Roman Hofferman and attempted to steal the will, but Lionshield was able to escape with the will by burning down Truscott's office. After the will reading, Truscott heads to Rivershine Hall to play the lead part in community musical Who Is Stealing My Cabbages. When they discover that the second act of this play is set in a recreation of the Temple of Mystra, the Friends storm the stage to prevent the scene being used to open the Brothers' Gate and Banknote throws a bead from a Necklace of Fireballs at Roman Hofferman, catching Elsebeth in the blast and killing her.

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