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Fighting Baseball is a 1995 SNES game, the Japanese release of EA's MLBPA Baseball. As a result of the Japanese publisher having no arrangements with US baseball teams - and no interest in making any since the teams would be unknown in Japan - the real names of baseball players that were used in the US original had to be replaced with fake American-sounding names. However, the Japanese team failed entirely to produce convincing American names, and instead took the names of random sports players from other US sports games and changed random letters. It is related to Dragon Friends because many of the bizarre names generated were used as NPC names in Season 3.

The names used in Dragon Friends are taken from a tweet which gave some samples of the names. In the spirit of Gratuitous Lists, the full list from the tweet is:

  • Sleve McDichael, 3rd baseman for Atlanta (resembles Dichael Carmichael, corruption of Greg Michael))
  • Onsen Sweemey, catcher for Milwaukee (corruption of Don Sweeney)
  • Darryl Archideld, catcher for "New York S" (corruption of Dave Archibald)
  • Anatoli Smorin, 5th starting pitcher for Milwaukee
  • Rey McSriff, benched 2nd baseman for Atlanta (combination of Rey Sanchez and Fred McGriff)
  • Glenallen Mixon, catcher for Atlanta (combination of Otis Nixon and Glenallen Hill)
  • Mario McRlwain, benched centre field for "New York S" (corruption of Dave McLlwain)
  • Raul Chamgerlain, benched right field for "Chicago B" (corruption of Wes Chamberlain)
  • Kevin Nogilny, 5th starting pitcher for "New York S" (corruption of Alex Mogilny)
  • Tony Smehrik, 1st baseman for "New York S" (corruption of Richard Smehlik)
  • Bobson Dugnutt, benched right field for Milwaukee (corruption of Ronald Tugnutt, by far the most popular "joke" name, has actual baseball shirts produced)
  • Willie Dustice, benched centre field for Atlanta (corruption of David Justice)
  • Jeromy Gride, benched 3rd Baseman for the Cleveland Queens (corruption of Curtis Pride)
  • Scott Dourque, benched left field for "New York S" (corruption of Ray Bourque)
  • Shown Furcotte, relief pitcher for Atlanta (corruption of Darren Turcotte)
  • Dean Wesrey, benched 3rd baseman for Milwaukee (corruption of Dante Wesley)
  • Mike Truk, 1st baseman for "Chicago B" (corruption of John Kruk)
  • Dwigt Rortugal, starting pitcher for the Cleveland Queens (corruption of Mark Portugal)
  • Tim Sandaele, benched 1st baseman for the Cleveland Queens (combination of Casey Candaele and Tim Salmon)
  • Karl Dandleton, benched 3rd Baseman for Atlanta (corruption of Terry Pendleton)
  • Mike Sernandez, reserve pitcher for the Cleveland Queens (corruption of Tony Fernandez)
  • Todd Bonzalez, dedicated hitter for the Cleveland Queens (corruption of Luis Gonzalez)

The full list from the original game is here.

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