`Freeside,' Armitage said, touching the panel on the little Braun hologram projector. The image shivered into focus, nearly three meters from tip to tip. `Casinos here.' He reached into the skeletal representation and pointed. `Hotels, strata-title property, big shops along here.' His hand moved. `Blue areas are lakes.' He walked to one end of the model. `Big cigar. Narrows at the ends.'
— William Gibson, Neuromancer
Aww! Yeah! Me know that place. Me had corporate retreat there. V.good team building exercises! Me learned improv!
— Philge

Freeside is a luxury entertainment venue constructed by Julian Fairbanks within a high-orbit space station, where Johnny Playstation was taken after being kidnapped from his concert in Chiba. Julian himself was not permitted to inhabit Freeside and harbored resentment about this for years, which culminated in his plan to have the Friends destroy Freeside using a Haywire Cube. At the end of Season 3, the combination of the Haywire Cube activation and an attack by the Tribe Of A Million Kings obstructing the elevators used for emergency evacuation resulted in the likely death of everyone on Freeside at the time with the exception of the Friends themselves, Mail Chimp and Johnny Playstation.

Freeside contains a luxury entertainment lounge which doubles as a waiting area for those arriving from below via the Needle, a central plaza in Italian style, and a compound for each of the main corporations, including Horizon and Voss-Saito. Many of the top executives of these companies live in villas within their corporate compounds.

Rather than the Shadowrun RPG, Freeside is taken directly from the novel Neuromancer; the corporate villas are likely a reference to the Villa Straylight, the bizarrely architected home to the increasingly insane and detached Tessier-Ashpool family.

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