Froyo is a high elf Warlock and estranged cousin and only known relative of Freezo. Froyo and Freezo share a striking resemblance, but can be told apart by Froyo's lack of facial hair and his handsome, aquiline jaw. He accompanies Freezo on the Trials of the Yulemas King in the events of A Very Dragon Chrisfriends

Early Life

Froyo was raised in Daggerford by his aunt and uncle, Freezo's parents. He looks exactly like Freezo but without facial hair.

When an infant Freezo was left at the gates of the Temple of Mystra, young Froyo took a magical silver acorn pendant from the basket gifted to him by his mother.

Froyo went to the best schools of wizardry and wanted for nothing the rest of his childhood, however felt guilt for taking the necklace from his only relative.

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