Fuckgoblins are goblins bred through magic and alchemy to fuck. The Dragon Friends first encounter fuckgoblins after Philge assumes leadership of Frisko's tribe and becomes Mother of Goblins. Her new subjects include countless fuckgoblins including Sally and Patricia who are introduced in Aren't All Bags Bags of Holding (1.07).

Freezo complicates the fuckgoblin narrative by connecting with Sally and Patricia on a human (goblin/elf) level and urging them to follow their own passions even if they are unrelated to fucking. Sally confesses that she has always wanted to be a baker and Freezo successfully convinces her to follow this dream. This interaction resonates deeply with Freezo—who has similar wishes—and touches off a podcast-wide fixation on Bakers and Baking.

Janos Meer's mother was killed by fuckgoblins, making it an especially vicious insult for Albrecht Rumsfield to use against him in It True, Me Your Nightmare (1.08).

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