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Backstage is in uproar at Johnny Playstation’s Chiba concert. The Dragon Friends have been found with a gun and a corpse which is hardly a good first impression. Playstation’s show is about to start and there’s precious little time to get their bearings before he’s going onstage. This podcast recording featured a smoke machine and lasers which, in hindsight, was probably unnecessary for a strictly audio-based medium.


The Dragon Friends arrive at the Stadium in Chiba for Johnny Playstation's concert. Backstage, they meet with Glitter Gleam who is managing effects for the show. Johnny steps out onto the stage and begins performing Girlfriends (song), attracting cheers from the teenage crowd, when a dark shape is seen moving in the flies above him. A member of the audience is brought on to play the role of Freezo after Michael Hing repeatedly misunderstood the situation, and reacts to the shape by firing Benny Davis (Weapon) into the flies. This causes Johnny to panic, transmitting his panic to the rest of the audience, and revealing the dark shape as Glitter Gleam whose eyes and back are glowing white, apparently possessed by an implant or other effect; and causes a hanging unit to drop from the flies onto Johnny, seriously wounding him. As the audience begin to riot due to the panic transmitted by Johnny's reverse empathy, Bobby Pancakes jumps on the stage to sing Sometimes when you're a girlfriend with Johnny in an attempt to calm the audience down. Glitter Gleam attempts to panic Johnny again and resume the riot by projecting images of Johnny's teddy bear (which he was frightened of as a child) and serial killer Michael Hing (NPC), prompting Johnny to adlib the song Mitchell Hinge. While the Dragon Friends are attempting to manage the riot, Glitter Gleam and Johnny Playstation are rushed out of the stadium by unknown figures in black and taken to a waiting car.


Dragon Friends

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)


Themes, tropes and running jokes

  • Michael Hing frequently becomes confused about the distinction between reality and the game, and himself and his character Freezo. At one point this causes Dave to recruit a member of the live audience to play Freezo instead, though this is quickly abandoned after the fan basically does exactly what Hing would've done.


  • "One of the meta troubles about moving this from a fantasy world into a real world is that murdering someone... feels bad?" -Michael Hing.

Table Talk

  • Everyone keeps insisting that this episode will be played in a future criminal trial, and first year psych class.
  • Benny Davis admonishes Michael Hing for bringing him into the universe of Shadowrun, when Michael decides to call his gun after him, and then justifies it by saying that Benny Davis (Fictional Character) was a "famed viral youtube star and later on axe-murderer".
  • This episode contains the first mention of Michael Hing and Benny Davis the fictional characters.
  • This is labeled with the episode number "3.01" on the podcast feed, but it is the second episode; one should definitely listen to the proper 3.01, When Do We Get the Fancy Clothes?, before this one.
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