A girlfriend is a friend who's more than a girl.

Glitter Gleam is a visual effects specialist who worked with Johnny Playstation at his concerts. Her hallucinotelepathy ability lets her implant images in the minds of those close to her, creating actual effects and manipulating their perception of the scene.

She was mind controlled by a device provided by the Voss-Saito Corporation to attempt to kill Johnny during his concert, but was prevented from doing so by the Dragon Friends, who only nearly killed him. The resulting chaos enabled him to be abducted and taken to Freeside. She later ran an art exhibition, Play State, in New York at which she revealed to Bobby Pancakes, in disguise as Raoul Chamgerlain, that she had been knowingly working for Voss-Saito to ensure her future involvement in Playstation's shows.


Glitter Gleam's name may be a reference to Garl Glittergold, the Forgotten Realms God of Trickery, who is also a Gnome.

Her use of Misty Step implies that she is a Wizard, Sorcerer or Warlock of 3rd level or higher.

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