The Dragon Friends and Kithercy Gellantara discover that fighting hobgoblins is nothing compared to navigating their judicial system. Featuring special guest Jordan Raskopoulos.


The Dragon Friends and Kithercy face off with four Hobgoblins, who have a Worg with them.

During the fight, another hobgoblin arrives with a lizard creature that the Dragon Friends do not recognize, wearing a red robe, wielding a staff, and speaking Orcish. He makes everyone but Philge fall asleep, who agrees to go with them to meet Frisko.

The Dragon Friends awake on a stage on chairs, all but Philge tied to their chairs. They meet the Goblin, Gribbits, their lawyer. The goblins are imitating human law practices as best as the can. Gribbits has negotiated that they can choose a champion from among them to take a challenge of Strength, Courage, or Cunning. They force Gribbits to be their champion of cunning, a situation that Frisko, atop his throne/toilet, loves.

They begin the trial of the pies. Of the three pies presented, one is full of fruju, which makes you vomit, one is tasty Worg meat, and the third has a dagger. The first to get the dagger and stab their competitor wins.

Bobby Pancakes manages to get himself and Kithercy free while Gribbits is crying about having to do the trial. Bugbears give Gribbits and his old bully Kevin aprons to begin the contest. After the contest begins, Bobby tries to steal a weapon off a guard and fails to do it sneakily enough, so Bobby tries to tie his shoelaces together, and Kithercy punches him in the face. They begin combat, and Philge goes into a Barbarian Rage and pins Frisko, declaring herself the new king of the goblin camp, which Gribbits verifies as legitimate.

Philge, in her first words as the new Chief Justice, she says "me want see how this plays out."


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  • Worg names: Christopher Worgen, Worgan Freeman, "Worg: What is it good for?" and "The Worg Boy"


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