The Horizon Corporation is a new-media corporation in the canonical Shadowrun universe which acts as an analog to real-world marketing-heavy tech companies like YouTube, Facebook, etc. Horizon is the most recently arrived AAA corporation in the Shadowrun Universe and is known for its dynamic and flexible corporate culture and for embracing diversity, accepting Metahumans, Mages, and even AIs as Corporate Citizens; but also ruthlessly efficient at manipulating or smearing any of its opponents.

In Dragon Friends, the Horizon Corporation recruited Philge in advance of the campaign, and then hired the Dragon Friends through the fixer Mr. Sour to protect the newly signed Johnny Playstation from revenge attacks by the Voss-Saito corporation. This proved to be an unwise choice, as it ultimately resulted in the destruction of Freeside and the Horizon compound and villa there where it is likely the CEO lived, while Johnny survived as an AI.

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