The Dragon Friends return to the library at Ireena’s behest, to try to find a way to overcome Strahd von Zarovich. They find an ancient tome that clues them in to their need for a heirloom sword, but they also fight a terrifying Mimic.


Recovering from their first encounter with Strahd von Zarovich, the Dragon Friends demand answers from Ireena Kolyana. She reveals that she has found a key that she believes will unlock the library. Ireena insults Baston, as she is still magically in love with Bobby Pancakes. Baston becomes very excited with the library ladders on wheels.

Our heroes find a book held open with chains in the castle library, titled the “Terrible and Lamentable History of the Noble House of Strahd.” Freezo casts detect magic and deduces that the book is embroiled in an ancient curse.

From the book, they learn Strahd's history. He was in love with his brother Sergei von Zarovich's young bride Patrina, and poisoned them both at their wedding. Now he cannot be harmed by weapon or spell, except by the Name Sword of Sergei von Zarovich, which has been missing since the wedding.

Shortly after the Dragon Friends find the book, the charm spell that Bobby Pancakes put on Ireena wears off, much to her horror. Ireena and Baston have a reconciliation after her recent cold shoulder, but Baston is less interested. The Dragon Friends then discover a chest, complete with the von Zarovich symbol. As Freezo opens the chest, it turns out that its not a chest, but a Mimic. Combat begins. Bobby feeds the mimic a crowbar, and Baston is flying by on a library ladder as he tries to stab it with his dagger. Ireena tries to curse it using her resting bitch face. Philge gets grappled by the mimic, but Freezo casts Burning Hands regardless. Philge just manages to free herself from the mimic before getting hurt. He also misses the mimic with a Witch Bolt and hits Bobby instead. They eventually defeat the mimic.

After the battle, Philge and everyone else gang up on Freezo and demand his spellbook as recompense.


Dragon Friends

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)



Themes, tropes and running jokes

  • Corn - mentioned in the book

Table Talk

  • Very long discussion about how chains can be used to hold open a book, resulting of a confusion of theater of the mind


  • "You have successfully fed [the mimic] a crowbar. Congratulations." - Dave Harmon
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