Admiral Jayne Steyer and the Primer fleet have scoured the Nine Known Worlds for any sight of the Dragon Friends and at last have found them, caught red handed on the fringes of wild space. A sudden jump, a chance reunion and a party soon follow. Also quite a lot of really rather erotic poetry.

This episode features NPCs by Carlo Ritchie and special guest Montaigne, who wrote a song! She’s backed by Rob Boddington and Dan & Pete who insisted they be credited as the Sonic Boom Lords.


The Friends have returned to the Heart of Glass where LOGAN informs them that the world they were previously on has been absorbed into the Cradle, and that Janos Steyer is now pursuing them with a fleet of space ships to punish them for the crime of entering Wild Space and the apparent murder of Hyperion Max. LOGAN transports the ship again in order to escape, and warns the Friends not to interfere with any plane-warping technology on the world they visit.

The Friends arrive on a world in The Feywild, where Bushu now lives, having been freed by Freezo. Bushu is aiming to petition to become a member of the fairy court, and is rather upset when Freezo arrives, especially when Freezo is informed that Bushu could become a familiar again only if his petition was rejected. The Friends accompany Bushu to the fairy court where the rulers Oberon and Titania are hosting a grand celebration and a regular ritual in which they make exaggerated confessions of love to each other (in which Freezo rather unwisely attempts to participate). Oberon announces his grand gift to Titania is a song performed by bard Bassbass Whiouveberry, introducing Montaigne's performance of Tiny Bud. Titania returns to Oberon a ring claimed from the Shadowfell by a Planeswalker, but when Oberon receives it, he is suddenly encased in black crystal and several Shadow Demons appear. The Friends, assisted by Bassbass, fight off the demons (with Baston fly kicking one of them back through their portal and Freezo shooting one with his Colt .45 while singing "I'm Horny"), but then Steyer and his men start to teleport in, apparently indicating that this world has also entered the Cradle.


Dragon Friends

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Themes, tropes and running jokes

  • Kung Fu Baston
  • The Feywild and the Shadowfell were introduced in the 4th Edition of D&D, long after the Spelljammer setting had been abandoned, though they have been altered for Dragon Friends. Planeswalker as a title is taken from the card game Magic: The Gathering.


  • The lyrics of the song can be seen on the page for Tiny Bud.
  • "Yes, I'm wearing a fig leaf and a backpack! I don't know why this is so hard to understand, Dave. It's like you've never been to a music festival." — Hing

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