This is it! The season finale of this campaign. Who lives? Who dies? Who tells your story? At least some of these questions are answered in this, the final episode of season one.


Freezo loots Albrecht Rumsfield's corpse and gets, among other things, a Magic Sword and a key. Philge picks up Bobby's body, and they use the key to get into another room and Freezo swallows the key.

In the room, Philge pulls a lever and reveals an army of unmoving Glittermen. Freezo menacingly gives Bobby a healing potion. Seamus takes the other healing potion. They then notice at the far end of the room Kithercy Gellantara manacled to an alter surrounded by cultists. Freezo pretends to be Rumsfield and Philge drops down. All of the Dragon Friends do Rumsfield's voice, scaring off the cultists. Philge frees Kithercy. They realize that a ritual was being conducted in awaken all the Glittermen, and all that was needed was the blood of someone lawful, which was Kithercy.

Bobby takes a Collar and the designs for it, as well as a ceremonial knife. Davin Tyrril rides his Red Dragon in from above, shattering the ceiling, allowing the moonlight to shine into the warehouse. They notice that the dragon is wearing a Collar similar to the one that they found. Bobby Pancakes steps into the moonlight and turns into a Werewolf. Kithercy uses Command to make Davin Tyrril dismount the dragon. She then kills him. Philge takes some of Kithercy's blood and begins the ritual again, not understanding that she would not have control over them. Kithercy, desperate to stop this, decides that she must switch her alignment from lawful to chaotic, and shits on Davin's corpse. Seamus manages to get the collar off of the dragon and they escape and return to Janos Meer. Janos pays them and the Dragon Friends return home.


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