Gliding deep through the inky void between planes is the Saturnine, completing once more her sisyphean tour of the nine known worlds. The Dragon Friends have little time to sample her many, decadent luxuries however, as a string of disappearances has them rattled and there’s a mystery to solve, a child to rescue and… an open mic night to win?

This episode features Ben Loomes from Syrinscape providing live (and at times very distressing) sound effects.


Bobby and Freezo have used Disguise Self to disguise themselves as ship's officers and are searching the ship for the Gillmen and the missing Bonathan Westminster, while Philge and Hagdar are eating together, and Hagdar is telling Philge about the ranks of the ship. The owner of the ship, Lady Casilda, is never seen by passengers. Below her are the Favored, paper-masked staff disfigured by inbreeding, who are the only ones with access to Casilda. The engines are run by the Order Of The Bellows who wear great helmets; and below even them are the Gillmen. The ship never takes on new staff; the castes form self-sustaining populations.

Bobby and Freezo, still in disguise, go to recruit Philge and Hagdar in the restaurant - but have trouble persuading them who they actually are (with Philge attempting to have Freezo prove who he is by telling her her last name).


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