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Ireena is the betrothed of Baston Indrirovich and adopted daughter of Father O'Donovich. A resident of Barovia, she was kidnapped by Strahd Von Zarovich because she looks like Petrina, his brother's wife, with whom Strahd was in love and obsessed with.

Her signature scent is Lenach 5 Number. She is not a fighter, and called the Dragon Friends the "worst rescuers ever." She is not inclined to explore or do much for herself.

She has a very hot and cold relationship with Baston. He has referred to her as "a 6," but she has done the same to him. When the Dragon Friends first encountered her, Bobby Pancakes cast the Charm spell on her, thinking it would help Baston, but instead made her love him. When the spell ended, she was again interested in Baston, but through the rest of Season 2 her interest in him waxed and waned.

After Ireena was (again) kidnapped by Strahd, she was put to sleep by the vampire's spell. At the end of 6,000 Uncontrollable Buttholes, when Castle Ravenloft was being torn asunder by the portal which pulled the Dragon Friends into another world, the sleeping Ireena was also taken away. It's possible she ended up in the same place, but her exact whereabouts are unknown.

Tomb of Annihilation

Despite their relationship most likely over, Baston still seems hung up about Ireena. Whilst in Dungrungrung, he vents about losing his girlfriend to the vortex spawned by throwing a bedpost at Strahd. Later, whilst questioned by Yuan-Ti in their temple, Baston lies that he's in Chult looking for his girlfriend, to which Philge replies: "You're not going to be able to open your heart to new opportunity if you keep thinking of her as your shed!"


Played by Zoe Norton-Lodge:

Present, but asleep: