The Dragon Friends languish in prison for a crime that they (against all odds) didn’t actually commit. Philge gets distracted by the funny pages. Bobby and Freezo hatch a plan to escape. (Spoiler: plan is just senseless murder.)

Also a showdown on a bridge with Sycoran in the thrilling finale of our first live show! Dashing swordplay! Terrible jokes! Bobby falls in the water a lot! Also… a discovery about the Duke’s murder?


The Dragon Friends have been detained in the very sturdy dungeon of Daggerford Castle living off only gruel and moldy bread, awaiting a Grand Inquisitor's arrival from Waterdeep who will charge and try them for the murder of the Duke of Daggerford (which they did not commit). The Duke's brother, Davin Tyrril, is now acting Duke in his stead.

Philge remembers quite a bit of information about the Grand Inquisitor which she tells her friends about incoherently. A kind jailer, Barry Swiftfeatures comes to visit them and describes Cathy from the funny pages to them. After finally asking for the jailer's name, they go into a Dragon Huddle, mostly feeling guilty for murdering his cousin, who Barry still believes is alive. On trying to get Barry's help, Freezo says the wrong thing and reveals too much, causing Barry to punch him and begins combat.

The Dragon Friends fight their only friend in very sad ways, with Bobby Pancakes missing every blow, Freezo, unable to cast spells in manacles tries to drown Barry in a bowl of mush, and concluding with Philge going into the Barbarian Rage of a grieving mother (as she believed the Duke was her son). She smashes Barry Swiftfeatures's head against the wall repeatedly, murdering him. They take his keys, wallet (with 30 gold pieces), and a photo of a woman and nine orphan foundlings. Philge, trying to be tender, crushes Barry's eyes. They find a rearming station and take some weapons. They unlock all the jail cells, which are empty.

They go up a corridor and some stairs leading to the castle dojo, where they get weapons they're familiar with. Freezo steals an etching honoring Barry Swiftfeatures. To avoid a big fight at the entrance, they make their way through the living quarters of the Duke's family. Philge gives the boys an all clear to go into the room. Before entering, Philge philosophizes, "Sometime me think, whatever on this side of door, no one is worse monsters than us." She then headbutts the door.

Inside the room, in a bejeweled collar, is a sleeping lion. Philge, trying to free the lion, wakes it. Bobby Pancakes stabs into the back of its neck, straight into its brain, because God/Dave told him to do it. Two critical misses cause the lion to strangle itself to death. They collect a chest with 200 gp and two flasks of red liquid.

They make it out into the rain and try to cross the bridge. On the bridge are the Two Guards and Sycoran, stopping them from leaving. Bobby Pancakes knocks one of the guards into the water. Freezo falls in next. The other guard runs away. Bobby falls in the water too. Philge goes into a Barbarian Rage and smashes his face in. She pulls her friends up and loots the body for a vial of poison and a letter from Davin Tyrril asking Sycoran to kill the Dragon Friends before the Grand Inquisitor arrives.


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