After being reunited with Philge and her half brother Dilge, The Dragon Friends are hired as the security detail for Janos Meer during an important meeting with a rival.


The Dragon Friends returned to Janos Meer but found him in a terrible mood; he was angry at having the amulet brought to him a full day later than he had asked, as well as at Clodric's sudden disappearance. Janos told the Dragon Friends that they would have to replace Clodric in a job he had lined up. Prior to the job he held them captive in his court and Bobby used the time to curry favor by appreciating his art collection.

Janos asked the party scope out a specific area of the docks. This area would be used for a parlay with Albrecht Rumsfield, leader of the Shipwright's Guild, to ensure that it was safe from traps. Key to the plan was the Dragon Friends keeping out of sight. Bobby used his immovable rod to hide above eye line and in the shadows; Philge and Dilge unsuccessfully but very confidently used invisibility powder.

Tensions had long been building between the Shipwright's Guild and Janos' Waterdeep Guild of Thieves, Tricksters, and Beggars. Both leaders had sworn not to bring weapons or assassins, but both lied, and the situation soon escalated into a pivotal conflict which would be known to history as The Shipline Betrayal.

A confusing melee broke out the Dragon Friends, a crossbow-wielding assassin, and guild leaders. Philge and Dilge incorrectly believed themselves to be invisible but in some ways that made them more terrifyingly effective in battle. Eventually the Dragon Friends succeeded, but at a cost; Janos Meer, the man they had been hired to protect, was gravely injured.


Dragon Friends

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Themes, tropes and running jokes

  • Janos Meer coins a few new nicknames for Bobby Pancakes at various points in this episode:
    • Bobby Shit-Debts
    • Bobby Shit-Lies
    • Bobby Late-Dicks
    • Sloppy Hard-Jakes
    • Bobby Sweet-Cakes
  • Gratuitous Lists - In ordering a retreat, Albrecht Rumsfield rattles off a surprisingly long list of henchmen who didn't do much of anything during the preceding fight.


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