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Dragon Friends

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)




Themes, tropes and running jokes

  • God/Dave — Perhaps emboldened by his success in the previous episode, Hing tries to pray to Dave for the live audience to be killed.
  • Woke Freezo Philge — Dave gives Alex a six-sided "die of wokeness" and says she can add it to her roll if she's trying to do something on the side of social justice
  • Woke Freezo — Freezo attempts to explain collective bargaining and labor negotiations to a crew of pirates
  • Dave's post-intermission intro is derailed when Ben gets distracted by a large dessert carried in by an audience member


  • "Poison's my middle name! Robert Poison Flapjacks." "Don't ever let him cook you breakfast." — Bobby & Baston
  • "Are you doing your best to convince him you killed his wife, a woman you've never he'll like you?" — Dave
  • "I hate this! I hate this! I hate this!" — Dave, when the heroes stand on each other's shoulders to pretend to be a nine-foot-tall ghost pirate named Dave

Table Talk

  • Dave claims that this episode was broadcast live from the heart of a sleeping vengeful god. Also everyone is wearing Hawaiian shirts for some reason.
  • Dave and Ben agreed upon a pirate voice for the Pirate King offstage, but when the character actually appears Ben immediately drops into a Godfather voice, causing Dave to briefly leave the table in exasperation.
  • Simon leaves the table in protest of a bad cantaloupe pun, but returns moments later claiming to be Simon's twin brother Jeremy.
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