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Dragon Friends

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)




Themes, tropes and running jokes

  • Philge joins half-orc pirate Elok Jahakan in singing the chorus of an orcish song called Me So Mad I Want To Punch Me Own Balls
  • Canon — the half-orc tradition of, after having sex with a new partner, stealing some of that partner's belongings while they're sleeping and giving them to one's friends as "fuckpresents", as demonstrated by Philge.


  • "Freezo! Freezo! Freezo!" — the live audience, but only after Ben demands it
  • "Charred corpses! Charred corpses! Charred corpses! But not our own!" — Freezo's pirate cultists
  • "That's a short rest, isn't it? How do you have sex? Is it a short rest?" "No, it's extremely vigorous." "Then no hit points." — Dave & Alex
  • "An accident? Well, here's...a cutlass-cident!" — Ben Jenkins as a pirate
  • "No, this is an axe-cident!" — Philge, before cutting that pirate in half with an axe
  • "Where are my raptors?" "They are slowly drifting away on a boat filled with gunpowder." "FREEZO, ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!" — Alex & Dave
  • "They're not slaves, they're cultists! It's very different!" — Freezo
  • "I don't know if founding a religion and then convincing them to engage in a mass suicide...I guess you get some temporary hit points." — Dave

Table Talk

  • Dave claims that this episode was broadcast live from the end of days, as dreamed by a baby who's also a psychic.
  • The episode opens with some general trash talking of the various other D&D stream channels who were playing through the same adventure at the time, despite the fact that several of them had already finished.
  • After a pirate's weapon is described as a "wicked cutlass", the game is briefly derailed by some valiant attempts at saying this in a Boston accent, which at least one Boston-based listener and wiki editor very much appreciated.
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