Janos Meer, also known as the Beggar King, was the leader of the Waterdeep Guild of Thieves, Tricksters and Beggars. He controlled a vast criminal network including operatives such as Clodric and Bobby Pancakes.

Before the events of the podcast, Bobby fled Waterdeep to escape a debt of 100 gold coins owed to Janos. While Bobby immediately repaid this debt upon his return, Janos was not satisfied and pressed him into service, demanding a series of dangerous tasks through the course of Non-Lethal Witchbolt (1.06) and Aren't All Bags Bags of Holding (1.07.)

He held a particular hatred for the Shipwrights' Guild and in particular their leader, Albrecht Rumsfield.

Janos was an avid art lover and collector of local works. Since he didn't have very good eye for art, his collection was mostly paintings of well-endowed dragons.

Janos has a strong dislike of traps, due to having walked into one once, resulting in the loss of both of his eyes. Fortunately, a magic spell brought them back, but Janos vowed never to walk into one again.