Is a lizard-man Bard. He is a crewman of the Flying Dutchman, working under Hyperion Max. He travels with the Dragon Friends as they were the last people to see Hyperion Max alive. Simon Greiner plays the character after Bobby Pancakes dies in the house eternal.

Season Four

After meeting the Dragon friends on the Flying Dutchmen outside of the House Eternal after the death of Bobby Pancakes. Jeremy travels with the Dragon Friends onto the Heart of Glass. Captain Philge names him wing commander in Bobby’s place and the Tinker Gnomes construct a larger hummingbird fighter ship for his “hideous frame”

After they retake the ship and jump to the deadlands Freezo and Philge interrogate Jeremy to find out his intentions. After taking Freezo’s gun he informs them that he is looking for Hyperion Max and as the dragon friends were the last people seen with him he is sticking to them. 

Jeremy as flight commander issues the orders to the tinker gnomes to defeat the security measures allowing the Dragon friends to access Freezo’s tower. In the tower To pass a security measures Philge, Baston and Jeremy are trapped into tubes. Freezo is asked to execute the least critical companion. Freezo chooses Jeremy. Jeremy falls into fire and dies and by the magic of Freezo is brought back to life with a message on a piece of paper “Never forget what I’ve done for you” Jeremy calls Freezo aside, takes the piece of paper, curls it up on is hand and punches Freezo in the face. 

After they climb the tower and discover that Freezo is immortal Jeremy is invited to take a free shot at Freezo. Jeremy places his jaws around Freezo’s neck and crunches on Freezo’s windpipe killing him. After a moment Freezo glitches and comes back from the dead. 

After seeing that Freezo wanted to go through the portal and become a god, Jeremy convinces everyone to leave Freezo’s laboratory. Jeremy holds Freezo under his cloak to get him back to the ship.  They press their bracers and go back to the ship.

The ship and crew have been taken over by Lady Cassilda and the Tinker Gnomes have all been charmed. Jeremy Scaleson frees a select group of them with a song. He learns of the wetways a passageway of secret ventilation tunnels that can take them to the bridge. Jeremy’s Lizard body allows him to thrive in the heat of the wetways and his immovable rod lets Freezo stop the turbine. Freezo drops it in the water before he has to retrieve it (after a multiple deaths) from the inside of a crocodile.

After they defeat Cassilda and regain the heart of glass Jeremy investigates the “room of delights” discovering how Freezo had modified the Heart of Glass to jump between planes at the small price of several Tinkergnomes.

He challenges Freezo to stop him going back to his tower in the deadlands. Freezo explains that he just wants to get back to Feyrun. Jeremy reminds him that he’s looking for Hyperion Max and calls Freezo the worst kind of coward. Jeremy agreed to go down to the deadlands on the condition that if Freezo does anything he doesn’t like you he will wipe your memories and send the party back to the charcoal bazaar. Freezo attempts to smooth things over with Jeremy. He offers Jeremy weapons of immeasurable power in exchange for letting them leave to Feyrun. Jeremy restates that all he is interested in is finding Hyperion Max. He considers Freezo an asset till he find Hyperion Max. Freezo commits suicide

Lizard folk can make simple weapons out of slain creatures. Jeremy takes Freezo’s corpse and quickly creates a makeshift dagger out of Freezo’s very normal chongus. Jeremy uses his chongus dagger to stab Freezo causing him to die and come back to life again. Freezo states his dislike of lizard people ( noting that their dicks and Pussies are weird). As they walk up the tower Jeremy whispers into Freezo’s ear that his pussy is beautiful.

Jeremy joins Philge and Baston in blocking Freezo from the portal. Freezo attempts to talk into letting him pass. He states that the library of knowledge behind them will have information about the location of Hyperion Max. Jeremy states they might be able to find out how to resurrect bobby pancakes. No one finds this argument particularly tempting.

Freezo crashes the heart of glass into the deadlands tower everyone runs into the portal where Freezo is trapped by Hyperion Max. Hyperion Max regains the Lance and teleports away leaving Jeremy trapped with Freezo and the rest of the Dragon Friends

Jeremy offers to free Freezo in exchange for his help to get revenge on Hyperion Max. Freezo declines because he hates Jeremy. After BassBass transforms into the Goddess Mystra Jeremy bows before her. The Goddess Mystra takes Freezo off to therapy resurrects Bobby pancakes and sends everyone home including Jeremy to the Flying Dutchman.


  • “ Never forget what I’ve done for you. I would’ve killed you in an instant just now, were it not for the fact that you are useful to me. The moment you stop being useful to me, Jeremy Scaleson. I promise on the heart of my love. You will die painfully”
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