I feel good - and that means you feel good!
— Johnny Playstation, Girlfriends

In the third season, Johnny Playstation was the famous pop singer over which the Horizon and Voss-Saito Corporations were in conflict.

Johnny is a highly popular singer with teenagers and has the unusual power of reverse empathy, amplified by an implant, which causes others nearby to feel the same as he does. Since he is usually happy and excited when performing, this amplifies the effect of his concerts dramatically, although it did have some negative effects when Freezo fired Benny Davis (Weapon) from backstage during a concert and his feeling of shocked terror was conducted to the audience, starting a riot.

Johnny was escorted by the Dragon Friends to Voss-Saito corporation inside a portable suspended animation chamber but was then mortally wounded by Mr Terminal after he called Philge's bluff, that Johnny was not inside the chamber, by firing a pistol through it several times. However, the Dragon Friends were able to upload him into the computer system at Freeside, where he survived as an AI.



Johnny Playstation's name may be a reference to Johnny Saturn, a comic book character and a band leader from the 1970s. (The Playstation was a competitor with the Sega Saturn.)

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