How does a man who has such a gross face come to have 6 million credits in the first place?
I built the place.
— Julian Fairbanks

Julian Fairbanks is a fabulously wealthy man and the designer and architect of Freeside, the Needle and the Haystack Casino. He was gambling incognito at the Haystack under the name "Ariell Billgates" when Philge interrupted him by attempting to seduce him and then accidentally eating 6 million credits worth of his gambling chips.

Julian had the Dragon Friends locked in a holding cell for the theft, but later went to visit them there. Unknown to him they were in the process of escaping and he was shot with an Uzi by Bobby Pancakes, revealing his form to be only a "peripheral" for an unknown intelligence elsewhere. He did, however, give the Friends a Haywire Cube and a credstick granting access to Freeside, instructing them to deploy the Cube in Freeside's control room.

After deploying the Cube, Philge was able to access a secret sub-network within the Freeside matrix where an AI imprint of Julian informed them that Julian bore a deep resentment that he was not permitted to live in Freeside after building it, and had therefore planned to destroy it using the Haywire Cube. He saw giving the Friends the cube as opportunity to both realize his plan and to kill them.

The character's alias was not intended to be Ariel Billgates; Megryan described him as "a real Bill Gates" when pointing him out. This was shortly followed by the question "Is that his name!?", and this became Canon.

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