Justin Breakbone was Freezo's protege in the Tomb of Annihilation series. After meeting him at Camp Righteous, Freezo identified him as a potentially corruptable person within the paladin camp and persuaded him to follow the path of the Warlock and to attempt to kill his father with a Witch Bolt.

After his father's death sparked a civil war within Camp Righteous, Justin and his new followers sought out the fallen paladin Ras Nsi and joined with him at the Yuan-Ti temple. It was then revealed that the Yuan-Ti were prepared to sacrifice the entire group of followers - many children - in order to complete a ritual to transform Justin into a Yuan-Ti Malison. The other Dragon Friends freed the followers before the ritual could take place; Freezo, wrongly believing that completion of the ritual would summon Dendar and destroy the world, fireballed Justin and Ras Nsi, driving Ras away and killing Justin.

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