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Dragon Friends

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)




Themes, tropes and running jokes

  • Dice of Inspiration — Dave gives Edan a "dice of paying attention" for recognizing a group of flying humanoids as Aarakocra. However, he revokes it almost immediately when Edan refers to the party's airship by the wrong name.


  • "I'm Jewish, and once I went into a sex-on-premises venue." — the first audible words in the video recording of this episode, spoken by Edan Lacey
  • "This may be your best chance to make some modest measure of progress on this dumpster fire of an adventure." — Dave
  • "Philge is pacing and incommunicado. Also, she can't read." — Dave explains why Philge can't help Freezo learn Fireball
  • "Did you know that the word 'vampire' is never said in Buffy? Not once." "That is absolutely a lie. It is in literally the title of the fucking show." — Ben & Hing
  • "You're gonna talk and talk and talk and then try to tell me that clouds are flammable, I can just feel it." — Dave
  • "Oh, can you do Gary Busey?" "I think that's just screaming." — Hing and Ben, as Ben searches for a new voice to do

Table Talk

  • Alex Lee was on her honeymoon — "drinking out of too many coconuts" — when this was recorded and Philge is run as an NPC.
  • A midair battle is derailed by an extensive discussion on the nature of gargoyles and whether, if they came to life, they would still be made of stone.
  • The same midair battle is later derailed by an extensive discussion of who the best cinematic Dracula is.
  • Ben somehow acquires both a salad and a ridiculous flamingo costume during the intermission.
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