I feel like your gameplay so far is leaning on a very kicking-based strategy.

Baston has a regular tendency to attempt flying kicks against enemies. The dice have a regular tendency to roll spectacularly low whenever he attempts a flying kick, usually resulting in a spectacular failure.

Baston has attempted to kick:

  • A heavily reinforced metal door in When Do We Get the Fancy Clothes? (which he actually succeeded at, but the only effect of the success was that he didn't break his foot)
  • The possessed Glitter Gleam in Girlfriends (which sent him flying over the stage and into the audience)
  • A gun turret in The Drunk One (even though Sally Gunbear admitted she could shoot them), which missed, activating the turrets.
  • Two Stoot-men in Just 57 Minutes Straight of Combat.
  • A security guard he had already escaped from and was walking past in A Very Sick Young Boy.
  • A gun out of an enemy's hand in A Dog With Human Eyes, which succeeded.
  • During the Melbourne Special:
    • A door that wasn't locked. (He hurt his foot.)
    • Another door, with a five foot longer run up. He sets off an alarm.
    • Two dwarves with a roundhouse kick; he misses and pulls his groin. He attempts this again with the other leg, and pulls his groin again.
    • An enemy, to trip them.
    • A dwarf with a roundhouse kick, for a third and final time; he rolls a 1 and dislocates his leg.
  • Calzone the efreet, and the double doors of his office, in Erotic Cirque Du Soleil.
  • A Shadow Demon in I've Got A Song As Well; a rare success, which knocked the demon through a portal back into the Shadowfell.
  • A 1980's Indiana police car window in Adventure in the Upside Down, Episode 3 which sent him flying over the car.
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