Logistics Operations Guidance And Navigation System, better known as LOGAN, is an artificial intelligence that helps to operate the starship Heart of Glass.

Like the starship itself, LOGAN was dreamed into existence by Johnny Playstation to help the Dragon Friends get home, in gratitude for their helping him ascend to godhood.

LOGAN appears to be fully sentient and comprehends the Common tongue, but has some difficulty using idioms correctly and often invents rather bizarre ones, such as "every grape, a different branch." The AI admits that this is a problem and has encouraged the Dragon Friends to look for anyone selling idioms that might help.

Philge insisted that LOGAN's name be pronounced "lojans", on the grounds that the G in "logistics" is pronounced like a J and that the word "System" provides an S at the end.

Baston believes that LOGAN is a bee.

LOGAN was eventually destroyed, together with the Heart of Glass, by Freezo ordering it to collide with his tower in order to distract the Friends and their allies so he could enter the portal that he believed led to Dweomerheart. However, Freezo had previously cast a curse on LOGAN to ensure that he would return as Freezo's spectral servant in the event of his death. It has yet to be seen what repercussions this may have had.

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