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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and rhyming is the most transparent form of dodging legal liability.

  • Bushu (legally distinct from Disney's Mushu)
  • Baston (legally distinct from Disney's Gaston)
  • Jerf Zebos (legally distinct from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos)
  • Nuke Dukem (legally distinct from Duke Nukem, either a 90s video game character or a 90s cartoon villain)
  • Lanech Five Number (legally distinct from Chanel No. 5)
  • Kyle & Jackie O (barely legally distinct from radio hosts Kyle Sandilands & Jackie O Henderson)
  • Strahd's items of vulnerability (legally distinct from Horcruxes)
  • Various members of the Zhivago Twelve (legally distinct from a variety of Harry Potter characters)