Leonard Swiftfeatures is a human stage magician from Daggerford. He is the cousin of Barry Swiftfeatures and godson of Davin Tyrell. The Dragon Friends first encounter Leonard while waiting to audition for the Duke of Daggerford's birthday revel.

Leonard speaks with a moderate lisp. He wears shabby, colorful clothes and a trilby (which he thinks is a fedora) with an outlandish feather which is immediately coveted by Bobby Pancakes.

Shortly following his introduction in The Audition (1.01) he is electrocuted by Freezo, seemingly for no reason. This marks the first rules-codified action in the campaign, the first cast spell, the first attack, and the first kill via Death By Witchbolt. The Dragon Friends obfuscate this crime by confidently declaring, "TA-DA!" and insisting the murder is a part of their act. The gambit mires the wheels of justice just long enough for them to be framed for the separate, more important murder of the Duke of Daggerford.


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