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What type of creature are you; like are you a fox, or a man? The two types.

Of all the mistakes Dungeon Dave has made in his long-suffering herding of the Dragon Friends, allowing Hing to create his own character on D&D Beyond without adult supervision may turn out to be his greatest. Enter Lionshield Banknote: no doubt intended to be the ultimate Mary Sue but hilariously (and mistakenly) created at level 1 with the rest of the Dragon Friends at level 7.

Before the Dragon Friends

Lionshield's background is largely a mystery at this point of the saga, though he is known to be of noble birth and living in Daggerford Castle "on a gap year" from artificer studies.

His family are revealed in Are You Familiar With Electricity? to be long term patrons of the arts.

Season 5

Banknote is introduced at Daggerford Castle during the low-key coronation of the new Dukes as a young, extravagant, besuited, blue-skinned, platinum-haired and slightly unhinged (think teenage Willy Wonka on amphetamines) "tinkerer of contraptions". Noting that Dave told him that he could choose any 12 items from D&D Beyond, Hing defensively proclaims that Banknote's Antimatter Rifle is "100% legal". We all see where this is going, right?

Ben: what level are you? Hing: I am ... level ... oh fu...

On his very first opportunity to exercise his new abilities at Rivershine Hall, he elects to use his poorly researched "buzzy handshake" (Shocking Grasp) to try to wake the wedding band fiddler from his trance. This instantly murders the fiddler, and shortly a second band member during Banknote's subsequent gesticulating protestations.

You feel like a big man?

Banknote progresses from horrified guilt to trying to stuff the bodies into his Bag of Holding to calculating how many commoners he'd need to kill in order to ding level 2 (18 more) in an entirely unsurprisingly short time for those familiar with Hing's playstyle.

Left behind by the Dragon Friends during their nighttime visit to the Sanitorium, Banknote is startled from his nocturnal activities on their return and revealed to sleep in an oxygen tank of his own design.

Banknote achieves Level 2 following the encounter with Inspector Boggins in 5.03, and Level 3 in the Whitewood Copse in 5.04 following the defeat of the Bodak.

Banknote becomes the Duke of Daggerford for 24 hours at the beginning of 5.06 before being stabbed close to death twice in the same episode.

Season 6

In 6.01, we discover that Banknote had become more involved with the family business, creating a "top shelf vodka" called Untitled Goose Vodka. After the sale of Rutherglen House and inheriting money from his grandparents he became very wealthy, but joined resistance cell 17 based in Waterdeep after his father disappears and his family's assets are seized. He has also reached level 8.

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