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MPT is a Twitch stream format debuted in 2022 on the Dragon Friends' Twitch channel. Originally debuted under the working title Chekov's Sword - winning out over Chekov's Gundam - the title was quickly discarded and replaced with the clearly superior MPT.

The two to three hour long stream is dedicated to designing a one-shot adventure the viewers / listeners can play. Twitch chat can help in creating the adventure. It replaces The Gribbits Detective Agency, which was put on hiatus in favor of trying something new.

Ben Jenkins is MPT's host. The rest of the cast members are rotating. The stream happens on a monthly schedule instead of The Gribbits Detective Agency's bi-weekly schedule to focus on quality over quantity.


The idea is to write a few oneshots and then hopefully write up some of them as mini-modules for patreon and run the audience favourite one at the end of the year. Maybe even more than one. We're working it out as we go.
Dave's Big 2022 Update, Patreon

Each stream tackles a new theme for a one-shot; an adventure you can run in one sitting of about five to six hours. The format also provides some insight on how Dave and Ben created plot lines for the Dragon Friends Show. At the end of a stream, there should be a concept for a one-shot which can be run from start to finish. The idea is to turn the outcomes into mini-modules for Patreon supporters.

A list of the episodes and their topics:

  • Chekov's Sword: The Feast - focuses on eldritch horror, body horror and supernatural beings. The adventure is set in a village cut off from the rest of the world. This being the pilot, the adventure was not finished.
  • MPT #01: Creature Feature - focuses on overcoming the monster. The adventure is set on a ship where the crew are (unbeknownst to them) transporting a dangerous monster. During the ride it escapes, after which the crew is picked off one by one.
  • MPT #02: Prison Break - focuses on escaping the prison.
  • MPT #03: The Heist - focuses on stealing an item (as suggested by guest Ally McLean). The adventure focuses on a casino heist where the goal is not to steal money, but a child with a serious amount of bad luck. It leans on a flashback mechanic and involves a cult led by Demi Lardner.

What does MPT stand for?

The exact definition of the abbreviation MPT, if it is an abbreviation at all, is a mystery - a secret possibly too dangerous to reveal, too complex for mortal minds to comprehend. Some have provided theories on MPT's definition and significance, all wildly different, yet all who tried have agreed - except for Ben - that it could mean anything, but not Mr Poo's Toilet.

  • Mr. Poo's Toilet
  • Monster Pitch Theatre
  • Mister Percival Twiddlethumbs
  • Miss. Piss's Toilette
  • My Perverted Terror
  • Mass Pork Totality
  • Misanthropic Planetary Tactics
  • Misogynist Party Time
  • Misidentifying People Tactfully
  • Mighty Precise Taunting
  • Marvelously Pretty Tortoise[1]
  • Miraculously Persevering Thylacine
  • Marmalade, Preserves and Trifle
  • Macaws, Pangolins and Tapirs
  • My Perfect Titties
  • Multiple Ping-pong Tournaments
  • Masturbatory Practice Therapy
  • Mostly Profanity Transparent
  • Make Puzzle-y Traps
  • Manage (those) Phile[2] Tendencies
  • Mystery Pony Theatre
  • Manic Power Tower
  • Mangled Penis Tournament[3]
  • Marinated Pornography Time[4]
  1. 🐢
  2. Hello there, Mo.
  3. Contributed by Demi Lardner
  4. Contributed by Demi Lardner as well